The one and only official demo released by LANGSUIR. This demo was recorded in Universal Studio Klang and was first released in xeroxed and 5-folded cover with coloured paper. It contains 3 songs :-

The songs are raw, fast paced black metal but with no particular black metal drummings. It reminds me a lot with the early Rotting Christ in their "Passage.." MLP and a lot of people felt the same. By the way, this release became a pioneer to the other Malaysian bands in releasing a quality sounded studio demo. Of course, this demo wasn't that good, but in the time when the others released shitty-sounded-demo, this was a masterpiece !

In a mean time, Malaysian independant underground label, EAST GOTHIC PRODUCTIONS was interested in re-releasing the demo in more professional manner. Negotiations went through, and after a lot of problems faced, the demo was released with a pro-printed cover and duplicated chrome tape. Again, LANGSUIR had became a pioneer in releasing a professional demo.

This demo was circulated around the globe via good distributors and tape trading. And it remains as one of the true evil masterpiece ever released by LANGSUIR.

This demo is still available via East Gothic Productions for USD$7

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