This cult cass-EP was released 3 years after the demo unleashed. Managed and released by Nebiula Productions, this cass-ep was distributed all over the Malaysian market and the number sold was much better than the demo (due to the fact that it was sold all over the market). It contains 4 songs :-

This release showed some progression LANGSUIR made all over the years. MY OATH FOR THEE was an old song which dued to be recorded in their demo but failed to do so. Riffings are too much simple for a death metal band, and the melodic was nothing in common with a new LANGSUIR.

BASTARDIZED REJAMAN SIHIR was a good sample to show the music that LANGSUIR played, pure aggressive and cruelty ! It's about 5-minutes song, started with a blasting drums and heavy riffs. In the end, there was a slow tempo, changed to a little bit fast with solos on it. Continued with a 60's song 'Pontianak', this is pure 'death 'n roll'.

THE SEVEN HEADED DRAGON OF PELANGI is much more aggressive with cool double-pedal tempo suited well with the riffs in the start. Simple solos in the middle of the song, then continued increasing speed till the end. This song is what LANGSUIR is all about !

The EP ends with "TANGISAN EMBUN PAGI", a malay-lyrics song with great combination between the rhythm and the lead guitars, packed with the heavy drummings. The guitars bring up the moody feelings - which a lot of bands failed to do so.

This cass-EP is still available, and it costs USD$7. You may order it via LANGSUIR's address.

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